I am looking for articles, reviews, essays, poems, and short stories of approximately 5,000 words or less including flash, micro fiction, smoke longs, drabbles or of any flavor of short fiction that demonstrates the art of writing dark fiction, whether it be prose, poetry, one-act plays, or any other form of literature.  I want to showcase the genre in all its subtlety, intelligence, art, horror, terror, suspense, thrill-seeking, and gruesome detail. I will also accept dark humor provided it follows the guidelines below with regards to content and good taste.

To be good short fiction, the shorter a work is, the more power it must pack.

On an experimental basis, I will also accept short (approximately 10-15 minutes or less) films and audio clips including readings and reviews that are posted on YouTube (and possibly elsewhere depending on the platform and medium). I can link to them and repost them here. The same content guidelines that I require of written works I also require of videos and audio clips. As with all written works and other material posted on this website, the author/filmmaker must have all necessary copyrights and any other rights/licenses applicable to his/her work.

There is no pay for any submission at this time. All rights remain with the author.

I reserve the editorial rights necessary to make minor changes needed for clarity (such as to correct typos and misspellings). I will never make revisions or major edits. It’s much simpler and easier to just reject the work or ask for a rewrite.

Use to query and to submit.

Everything must be submitted by e-mail either in the body of the e-mail or a Word document (.doc or .docx).  

I will try to respond to submissions as quickly as possible, but please allow a couple of weeks before querying about your article/story. If I like your submission, I will publish it as soon as possible, probably within a month or two.  This will depend on the backlog of submissions and other factors.  

You are also welcome to submit announcements such are readings, creations of writers groups, publication of books or short stories or artwork, etc. There is no fee for these at this time. Be aware: space available is limited. You may also include artwork with your announcement. Please inquire first. As with everything else on this website, I maintain editorial discretion. Guidelines stated on this page and elsewhere in this website apply to artwork too. I have not yet developed solid guidelines on art or announcements, but it may be difficult to run it for an extended period. As with everything else, inquire first.

I am seeking:

Dark fiction or nonfiction of approximately 5,000 words or less on any form or dark fiction to include horror, fantasy, thrillers, literary, science fiction, historical, noir, Western, experimental, cyberpunk, steampunk, weird fiction, gothic, or any mixture of these and any others that make an emotional and intellectual connection with the reader.

Articles of approximately 5,000 words or less on the art of writing dark fiction (of any length, poetry, screenplays, etc.) or on writing in general.  Articles on foreign dark fiction are encouraged.

Book and movie reviews, the more recently published or distributed the better, but I will consider reviews of classics works of dark fiction all the way back to Walpole (and before if sufficiently interesting).   These must be approximately 5,000 words or less also.

Articles on horror in other countries are encouraged.  

Translations of articles, stories, or poems from French, German, or Spanish are considered, but the original article/story/poem and its translation must not exceed the 5,000 word or less limit.

Dark poetry (under 64 lines) or articles on dark poetry.

Interviews are by invitation only. However, if you have conducted a short interview of an author (or artist/illustrator) of horror or dark fiction, I will be happy to consider it for publication.

Currently, reprints are acceptable. This may change in the future.


Be professional. The less editing I have to do, the more likely you are to be published. In my experience, this is true of all publishers.

Use standard manuscript format.  This makes it easier for me to copy and paste into the website and easier for readers to grasp.

A short bio of 50 words or less  is optional. It may include your website, twitter handle, or any other social media identification you like.  

Pseudonyms are fine, but please state them as the byline and include your actual name and contact info in the top left of the first page of the submission per standard manuscript format.

In the subject line of your e-mail please state whether this is an article or review or poetry of fiction submission, your name, and the work’s title.  For example:  Article by Phil Slattery  “Poe’s Raven: an Analysis”. This information helps filter out a lot of extraneous stuff if I have to search for it.

I am taking multiple submissions of up to three works at once. Once you have submitted, please wait until you have heard about that submission before submitting more.

I will take simultaneous submissions, but be professional and withdraw your work if it has been accepted elsewhere before being published here.

Reprints are okay, but tell me when and where the article/story/poem was most recently published. You may include this in your submission or bio.

Do not send photos, advertising, or fan fiction.

Gratuitous sex, extreme violence, violence to children, rape and anything else that offends my personal sensibilities or anything that skirts the boundaries of the law will not be published.

I would like to reach as large an audience as possible. Please keep profanity to a minimum. 

Always re-check the guidelines before submitting.  I may change them without prior notice.

This page was last updated on February 19, 2021.

You may use this form for queries, questions, or comments, though you can also send them through the email address above. Do not use this for submissions. It zeros out formatting.