Dark Ambience

These are some videos emanating a dark ambience that I have found on YouTube. They are great for relaxing or as background noise when reading, writing, or studying, because they last from one to ten hours (maybe more). I will post them occasionally, when I find one particularly interesting. You can find more videos among our playlists on The Chamber’s YouTube channel.

Cozy Bedroom Ambience above a Futuristic Metropolis

This video puts you in an apartment high above a futuristic megacity watching and listening to the urban night with a woman who could be a friend or a lover. The woman’s figure is so well done that she appears almost real as she watches the nameless metropolis.

Cyberpunk Future City Aerial (7 hours)

Unlike other ambience videos, this one has the advantage of having a lot of slow, relaxing motion as if you were quietly circling a futuristic city looking out the rear window of one of the aircraft seen in the distance. The steady hum of the engines makes for a relaxing…

Cyberpunk Future City Window Sound (7 hours)

This is a cool, relaxing ambience video. I used to go to sleep to this video, because it is dark enough that it wouldn’t keep me with extraneous light. The sounds are also soft, muffled, and sound just like they would through a window several stories up.

RAIN OVER INNSMOUTH (10+ hour dark Lovecraftian thunderstorm ambience)

“Night falls on the decaying seaport of Innsmouth…from the harbor a storm approaches, bringing with it unquiet rains and the rumor of cyclopean thunders out of which Dagon’s watery shadow emerges to corrupt the flesh of men to his ancient will…” by The Tale Master

Vampyr Ambience

A spooky video set in the rainy streets of Edwardian London.

Forest of the Werewolf

One of my favorites. I often let this run in the background while writing.

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