The Chamber Magazine occasionally publishes interviews with authors of dark fiction and poetry from around the world and of all genres. At this time, all interviews are written, i.e. a set of written questions is sent to the interviewee, who will respond in writing. The guidance for responses is as follows:

  • There is no rush or deadline, but the sooner I can get it back, the sooner it will be published.
  • If you don’t want to answer a question, answer it with DELETE and I will remove it from the interview.
  • Say as much as you like or as little as you like.
  • Send a photo less than one megabyte in size (preferably jpeg or jpg) along with the responses.
  • I will let you know when the interview will be published. It may be a month or more.

If you would like to conduct an interview and send it in for possible publication, please query with your idea for an interview first to see if it fits in with The Chamber’s plans and taste. All submitted interviews must be of an author, poet, or playwright who writes dark material and has at least one full-length manuscript (whether a novel, poetry collection, full-length play, etc. ) published by a second party (i.e. it should not be self-published and it must not be a work of the reviewer).

Interview with Author Russell James

Author Russell James’s new book, Demon Dagger, is slated to be released on August 16, 2022. Read The Chamber’s interview with him here.

Interview with Author Thomas White

Thomas White has a triple identity: speculative fiction writer, poet, and essayist. His poems, fiction, and essays have appeared in online and print literary journals and magazines in Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. He is also a Wiley-Blackwell Journal author who has contributed essays to various nonliterary journals on topics ranging…

Interview with Author and Poet Alan Catlin

Alan Catlin is primarily known for poetry but that doesn’t prevent him for mixing and matching prose and poetry as the subject allows.  He has published dozens of full length book and chapbooks, mostly poetry, over the years. Although he is not a genre writer he has somehow managed three Rhysling Prize nominations and a…

Interview with Author John Ryland

Although he has had ten short stories published in wonderful journals, having two of his novels accepted for publication by traditional presses is his greatest accomplishment so far, says John Ryland. These two books, Peripheral (World Castle publishing) and The Man with No Eyes (Moonshine Cove press) will both drop on 2022.

Interview with Author and Filmmaker Julian Grant

Julian Grant is a college professor teaching at Columbia College Chicago and a former professional producer/director. Born in London, England and raised in Canada, he now writes, teaches and makes art in the Chicagoland area. He has two stories published so far in The Chamber.

Interview with Author Mehreen Ahmed

Mehreen Ahmed is widely published and has editorial reviews from several notable places, such as The Midwest Book Review, Drunken Druid and reader’s reviews…

Interview with Author James Hanna

James Hanna is a retired probation officer and a former fiction editor. Due to his background, the criminal element figures strongly in much of his writing. James’ stories have appeared in over thirty journals, including Sixfold, Crack the Spine, and The Literary Review. His books, four of which have won awards, are available on Amazon. 

Interview with Author and Film/Video Game Producer Tim Carter

I was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. Began writing professionally while still in graduate school and survived as a writer and editor ever since. I’m gradually morphed from corporate writing and magazine editing into screenplays, video games, and now fiction. I live in Vancouver, Canada, with a toe still in Los…

Interview with Author Titus Green

I was born in Canada in the early seventies and moved back to the UK with my parents at the age of two. I graduated with a degree in Communication Studies in 1993 and then, via the occupation of teaching English as a foreign language, went on a twenty- six year odyssey that had me…


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