“Bye Polar” Poem by Levi Johnson

Nightly insomnia, a lingering blues
A magazine of mania, for me to muse

Gripping thoughts, racing the horse
Better judgements, dash to divorce

It’s frantic speed, it’s your heartbeat
Your social boldness, exceeds discreet

Wild self-esteem, exceeds the moon
Your urgent dream, a sexual swoon

Verbal forays, a twisting vortex
Candor bounces, like a bad check

Your every behavior, a barreling train
Your every motion, a strain of cocaine

In biochemistry, the devil’s workshop
For soaring above, hysterical hilltops

To being oblivious, a conquer of strife
To being unhinged, the zest of life

My spin of utopia, to last only a week
My genetic rebels, return to meek

A spin of polarity, these frenzied fates
A parallel reality, my mind creates

Levi Johnson is a psychotherapist originally influenced by his 1960s hippy experience in his hometown of San Francisco. These colorful street people sparked his career of operating inside the hearts and minds of others. His verse is a unique blend of psychology and poetry that is existential at it core. He recently published Alter Ego: Poetry for the Hidden Self for those who like to go beyond the surface.
ALTER EGO: Poetry for the Hidden Self

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