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“Ride Safe” Dark Fiction by Julian Grant

Julian Grant is a filmmaker, educator, and author of strange short stories, outlaw poetry, full-length novels/ non-fiction texts and outsider comix. A tenured Associate Professor at Columbia College Chicago, his work has been published by Dark Fire UK, Quail Bell, Avalon Literary Review, Crepe & Penn, Alternative History Magazine, Granfalloon, Altered Reality, The Chamber Magazine, Dark Lane Books, Clever Magazine, Peeking Cat Literary Journal, Danse Macabre, Fiction on the Web, Night Picnic, CafeLit, Horla, Bond Street Review, Piker Press, Retreats from Oblivion, Free Bundle, Filth Literary Magazine, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Mythic Circle, Murderous Ink Press, Superlative Literary Journal & The Adelaide Literary Magazine. 
Find out more about him at

“Celebration of Life” Dark Fiction by Emma Scott

Emma Scott is a full-time college student and part-time stablehand who writes to escape her life as a full-time college student and part-time stablehand. She is an avid fan of Ruth Ware and Agatha Christie books and she hopes to publish a novel of her own one day.

“The Death Walk Trilogy” Three Dark Poems by Stephen Jarrell Williams

Stephen Jarrell Williams loves to write poetry and draw unusual works of art.  He can be found on Twitter @papapoet.

“Taking Names” Dark Fiction by John Ryland

Mr. Ryland notes: “I have published work in Eldritch Journal, Otherwise Engaged, The Writer’s Magazine, Birmingham Arts Journal, Subterranean Blue, and others. My collection Southern Gothic and novel Souls Harbor are currently available on all major markets. My upcoming novel The Man with No Eyes, will be published by Moonshine Cove Press in March 2022.”


“Ol’ Rocking Chair’s Got You” Science Fiction/ Fantasy by Jeff Bagato

A multi-media artist living near San Antonio, Jeff Bagato produces poetry and prose as well as electronic music and glitch video. His published books include Cthulhu Limericks (poetry), The Toothpick Fairy (fiction), and Computing Angels (fiction). A blog about his writing and publishing efforts can be found at

“The Silent Bell” Dark Fiction by Phil Rosen

Phil Rosen is a Hong Kong-American journalist and writer. His reporting has appeared in Fortune Magazine, Buzzfeed News, and Business Insider, among other outlets. He is the author of the book, Everywhere But Home (2020), which was an Amazon #1 bestseller in travel. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram @philrosenn.

Four Dark Poems by Donna Dallas

Ms. Dallas notes: “I studied Creative Writing and Philosophy at NYU’s Gallatin School and was lucky enough to study under William Packard, founder and editor of the New York Quarterly.  Lately, I am found in Horror Sleaze Trash, Beatnik Cowboy and The Opiate among many other publications. I recently published my first novel, Death Sisters, with Alien Buddha Press. My first chapbook, Smoke & Mirrors, will launch this fall with New York Quarterly. I currently serve on the editorial team for Red Fez and New York Quarterly.”

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