Two New Test Videos in The Chamber’s YouTube Channel

Two new test videos have been added recently to The Chamber’s YouTube repertoire: Ambience Test Video 1 and Castle Wolfstein (vs. the Castle Wolfenstein of the popular video game). These are both simple, unrefined videos meant solely to learn the Kizoa video editing system and to see what is possible with free videos and (YouTube-friendly) music from Kizoa.

Video 1 is simply a short pastiche of a few still frames with (nearly) random music used as a soundtrack.

Castle Wolfstein is considerably more advanced, but it is still incredibly crude by YouTube standards. It does try to tell a brief (about 7:30 minutes) horror story, which, since it has no dialog, is meant to act on an emotional level vs. intellectual. It took me maybe 4-5 hours at most to make.

In all honesty, I had completely forgotten about the video game Castle Wolfenstein when I came up with this title on the spur of the moment. The similarity was not intentional. Maybe “Wolfenstein” was loitering around somewhere in my ragged memory, but “Wolfstein” seemed like a natural name to me. I do speak some German, so I just made it up, as I said, on the spur of the moment. The video game looks like it would be fun. I might have to buy it sometime.

Check out the Castle Wolfstein video above. Let me know what you think of it.

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