H-Burns and Pomme perform Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne” — Pas De Merde

This is one of my favorite songs of all time done afresh by a duo I have never heard of but who I will follow from now on.

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This is a hauntingly beautiful rendition of Leonard Cohen’s rather dark song “Suzanne”. I came across this just now and knew I had to share this. This is the first time I have ever heard of Pomme or H-Burns but I will now start following them.

I first heard Leonard Cohen when I was a sophomore at Eastern Kentucky University in 1977. My roommate at the time was a Leonard Cohen fan and introduced to him and his album The Best of Leonard Cohen. I had the lyrics to several of those songs memorized before long. I never became a Cohen groupie or followed his music, but throughout my life, when I heard one of his songs, my ears would pick up and I would drift through time to the much happier days of 1977 and envisioning the poignant world in Leonard Cohen’s music.

I hope you enjoy this…

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Dark Music: “Once Upon a Time in Paris” by Erik Satie

Although this is not advertised as “dark”, this work by Erik Satie definitely has a dark, brooding air. Imagine yourself walking for hours along a dark, Parisian boulevard at night, your breath stinking of strong tobacco and Absinthe, during a thick fog sometime during the Second or early Third Republic, mulling over the tragic news of the day or of the tragic events of your life, mustering the resolve to find a way into a better, if not brighter, future. This is how this piece speaks to me.